Wooden USB Flash Drives!


Hey all! I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been quite busy with wedding season the last 3 months photographing 3-4 shoots per week and a weekend wedding! While it’s been busy, I couldn’t be more grateful to work with all of my sweet couples to capture these special memories for them. You may remember that I have blogged some USB drives a while back and I’m excited to partner with USB Memory Direct again to showcase these beautiful wooden USB flash drives I got to customize with my logo!


Last time I went with a metal casing since it was more modern. I decided to change it up and go with a wooden case since I thought it adds a bit of character with all of the different wood patterns. I love that my couples will be able to save all their images in this beautiful USB drive.


What I love about these wooden flash drives is that it includes SLC upgrades which is ideal for storing photos. So photographers, if you’re looking for a custom USB flash drive for your branding, make sure to keep an eye out for the SLC upgrades. 🙂 These wooden drives also comes with a magnetic cap so you won’t have to worry about the cap falling off which will keep the metal part protected.

USB Memory Direct has been in business for 15 years providing companies with custom USB flash drives. I love that I am able to order these custom drives and give them to my couples as gifts!


Thank you USB Memory Direct for partnering with me! I cannot wait to share these with my couples! xo

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